Will Liverpool be able to spend ‘Saturn’s condition’ today?

Liverpool running away suddenly felt like a muzzle. Liverpool’s clash against Bournemouth today is much more than that of their opponents.

The setback started in the Champions League.

Liverpool has beaten Atletico Madrid in the first leg of the second leg of their Champions League two-year dream of being the first club after Real Madrid. Has come down to the ground of reality. In the tight scheme of Diego Simeon, pitcher Mohamed Salah-Sadio means Roberto Firminora lost to Wanda Metropolitano 4-1. To qualify for the quarterfinals, Atletico will have to lose at least two goals at home to Anfield. It’s hard enough. It is even more difficult for formless Liverpool.

Then Liverpool, who were unbeaten in the league all season, lost to Watford last week. It is not the same rate. They were beaten by a margin of 5-6 goals. As a result, the entire season has been a dream of winning the league from unbeaten. Harrell Liverpool after winning the league title 3 matches. A few days later, Chelsea left the FA Cup.

As a result, it is normal to raise questions. What happened to Liverpool?

Injury problem? Formlessness? Lack of suitable players? Tired of winning? If you think a little more deeply, every reason can be said as the answer.

The fact that Liverpool has been unbeaten this season has not been noticed. All-rounder Allison Baker was out of the field after a 5-foot injury to the muscle early in the season. The new Spanish goalkeeper Adrian has continued to work. Even the Brazilian goalkeeper has been injured in practice again last week. As a result, he is certain that he will not be seen in today’s match against Bournemouth and in the second leg against Atletico. Right-back Nathaniel Kline, who has been out of the field for almost a year due to an injury to the ligament. Coach Jর্গrgen Klopp could not rest for Trent-Alexander Arnold, the original right-back for whatever reason. Brazilian midfielder Fabinho was unable to play five matches since December following a similar injury.

Croatia center-back Diane Lovren was out of the field for five matches at the same time. Swiss winger Shakir did not play in the same match in the same injury. Midfielder James Milner was out of the field seven matches after being hit last January. Guinea’s midfielder Nabi Keita was not fit to play in that match since the start of the season with a twitch and a muscle injury. Sadio, who was out on the field for some time before being hamstrung, means he could not play four matches. Jordan Henderson, who captained the same team last February, has played in five matches without Liverpool. Henderson may have been absent in a few more matches.

Midfielder Alex Oxlade-Chamberlin was seen sitting out five matches with two ankles and ankle injuries. An ankle injury has also affected striker Divak Origi, who scored in the last Champions League final. He did not play in five matches. Cameron’s center back Jalpa Matipo was sitting outside the field for 21 matches after suffering a knee injury.

That is, only Salah, Firmino, Alexander-Arnold, Georgino Vinodam, and Virgil von Dyke were among those who played regularly in the main squad. Jurgen Klopp has had to give Ankora players a chance to get hurt because of a regular injury to some players on the bench, along with other players from the main team. Among them are Curtis Jones, Nico Williams, Harvey Eliot.

With all these factors, there is the point of getting tired of winning extras. The loss in all three of the four matches proves this. Getting out of the circle of opportunity rates in front of Liverpool today. What can they do? Liverpool will play at home against Bournemouth at 6.30 pm this evening. If they win, they will be only three wins away from the league title. Harley will return to the field against Atletico five days later with confidence on the floor.

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