Who will fill the gap at Messi-Ronaldo?

One touched 33, the other celebrated his 35th birthday last month. For a decade and a half, the end of Messi Ronaldo has begun. Either way Barcelona are looking for Lionel Messi’s successor, just as Real Madrid is trying to fill Cristiano Ronaldo’s deficit, the football world is desperate to succeed. Who will be the king of football when Messi-Ronaldo leaves? Dimitra Barbetov finds two men who have the power to take on this difficult task.

Needless to say the name of one. Anyone who has been searching for international football for the past two years will understand that Killian Mbappe is relying on football. Former Manchester United star Mbappe who is the side? “He’s a great prospect. I think he will be the successor of Messi and Ronaldo. Not only that but at Mbappe. And he had fun with the defenders. We should hopefully cheat the players so that these players stay healthy and improve themselves. So that we can see them for as long as possible.

New-season sensation at Arling Holland. Every season a new star comes and surprises everyone. Yet what Harland is doing is incredibly incredible. The hat-trick was made by the Champions League debut for Arabic Salzburg. Scored 4 goals in the group stage. These achievements before age 5 touches. He scored 20 goals in the league just before the half of the season. After that, a riot started with him. He was the focus of six clubs. Holland has selected German club Borussia Dortmund in the January squad.

Berbatov is even more impressed with Harland’s decision. The striker, who will be in Dortmund for some time, ignoring the call of the big team, said: “This week, many clubs have been interested in Harland. But he’s just arrived in Dortmund and doesn’t seem to be going to any big clubs right now. He is now in the right place, improving, scoring, scoring. If he joins Manchester United or Real Madrid, will he play as he does in Dortmund? It is very important that the team, the place and who is around it. “I’m very happy with what he’s doing lately, which means he’s in the right place.”

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