Viewers were compensated for not playing Ronaldo

Ronaldo did not field

Many fans backed out to watch Ronaldo’s game in the Juventus match against South Korea’s All-Star XI earlier this season. But the Portuguese star did not get on the field that day. The outrage over not seeing Ronaldo up until the court was resolved recently

South Korea will be one of the best players in the world. The magic of the feet will attract thousands of visitors to the field. How much hope the Koreans had! But that hope was not fulfilled that day. Ronaldo sat on the bench, frustrating thousands of Koreans. Juventus had a 3-1 draw against South Korea’s All-Star XI without Ronaldo before the start of the season. The Koreans were disappointed when they did not see the beloved star. There was shouting in the name of Messi.

After the match, two angry supporters took the matter to court. If you do not see the person who came to see him spending money, the mood will be bad! The anger was further exacerbated by a talk by the organizer. The organizer, The Fast Ink, said before the match that Ronaldo would be on the field for at least five minutes. Preeta had mentioned in the contract that Ronaldo must play for at least five minutes. But he did not accept Juventus coach Maurizio Suri.

Juventus coach did not agree to risk Ronaldo down the field due to physical exhaustion and a slight muscle injury. As a result, the Koreans could not see Ronaldo’s curiosity. Coach Rory, Ronaldo, and Juventus president Andrea Agnelli were all in the decision. He was disappointed at the decision of sixty thousand visitors to the game.

The Ronaldo was shown on the big screen in the field that day, the Koreans gave two. Some even shouted in the name of Messi. Many were seen leaving the field before the match was over. Both of them were furious and filed a lawsuit against the organizer. The case was resolved two days ago. A district court on Tuesday ordered the two supporters to pay $ 52 in compensation. In the meantime, they received $ 1.8 as ticket money. $ 5,200 for ticket commission. And the rest of the $ 212.5 viewers get two visitors as compensation for the mental injury.

The case is yet to be decided for the other three observers who have been declared the winning lawyer. Juventus, who were trailing 1-0 at one point, returned to parity with two goals from French midfielder Blaise Matuidi and Brazilian midfielder Mathews Pereira.

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