There is so much criticism in the British media about ‘Bangladeshi’ Hamza

Hamza Chowdhury, a Bangladeshi-born midfielder from Leicester City, was badly tackled by Matt Ritchie of Newcastle United in a match of the English League Cup some time ago. Newcastle coach Steve Bruce has criticized Tackle for his harsh words. The British media has also given a tune. However, Hamza himself said he did not play with the intention of hurting anyone.
The incident was several days ago. Newcastle United and Leicester City face each other in the English League Cup (Carabao Cup). Hamza Chowdhury, a Bangladeshi-born midfielder from Leicester, was strongly tackled by Newcastle Scottish winger Matt Ritchie. Newcastle coach Steve Bruce has reacted sharply to that. Hamza wanted to end Ritchie’s career. Hamza, however, responded in turn. He says he can do the tackle. But that tackle is not intended to injure anyone on the playground.

After being a victim of tackle, Richie was unable to play again. He had to leave the field on a stretcher. It has been reported that he could not return to the field for at least two months. The ankle ligament was injured, and the stitching took three. Hamza, however, did not see any card by that tackle. Bruce couldn’t agree.
According to Bruce, Hamza, who had committed the Redcard offense, said: “Richie’s leg situation is worse. I never want a player to ever go out on the field after seeing a red card. But the calculation is different for such taxa. Hamza has made a tremendous challenge. ”
Under what circumstance did Hamza do it? Clearly, before Richie, Hamzai was able to grab the ball. In that case, the tactic is not foul. If it had been Richie who had taken possession of the ball before, but Hamza had attacked him badly, it would have been too. But who would explain that to Bruce? Bruce is firm in his own mind, ‘No. I don’t think so. Richie’s forehead had moved away like a good and timely, otherwise he would have gotten worse. Maybe he was out of the field for eight months, and he might never be able to get on the field again. ‘

Bruce’s words echoed in the British media as well. For the past few days, the hammock has been on the wane. But Hamza is that defensive midfielder! His job is to destroy the opponent’s pace, to cut the ball off the opponent’s feet at any cost! Part of his responsibility is to provide increased security to the security forces. Not just Hamza, all the ideal defensive midfielders in the world do the same. Real Madrid’s Casimiro, or Liverpool’s Fabinho, Chelsea’s Angolo Kante or Juventus’ Blaise Matuidi all do the same. How effective Hamza has been as a defensive midfielder for Lester City has meant the past two seasons. Liverpool could not win the league title for just one point last season, but Hamza Chowdhury of Leicester City has the role behind him!

How? Let’s open up Lester City and Liverpool faced off at Leicester last December. At the very last moment of the match, Senegal winger Saadio, meanwhile, was intercepted by Hamza, who was moving forward with a ball in the goal. Still, almost half of the field ran as a quality tackle from the back of a speeding winger. On that day, Hamza Maine would have scored a goal in Senegal. If the goal is not a draw, Liverpool will leave the field. Those two points needed would have been enough for a 20-year league drought!

Hamza defended Richie’s tackle, saying he was not Ritchie, he did not want to hit anyone, “I do not intend to hurt anyone. Steve Bruce says all this because he lost the match. We know how hard he was when he himself was a defender.

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