The relationship of supporters is like love, said Neymar

Supporters’ relationships with athletes are a little different. With blind love, there is also pride and pride. Let’s say Neymar, the Brazilian, left PSG last season to move to Barcelona. It is normal for PSG supporters to get angry.

In the end Neymar’s mind did not materialize. PSG has to stay in the new season. But the supporters’ pride remains. But when Neymar did well, winning the team by goal, did the supporters back away? How does Neymar himself describe his relationship with supporters. According to him, his own relationship with the PSG supporters is as much about the love and pride that he has.

PSG flies Neymar to Barsa, setting world record for spending. It is normal for such players to be upset shortly after the start. It was only during the last squad’s season that the French club’s supporters – who did not want Neymar, or the banner written in the saffron banner – appeared in the PSG match. Neymar was in PSG’s first four games at the start of the season. It was said that he got hurt. But by then Neymar’s chances of returning to Bar ।a were mushrooming. PSG inducted Neymar into the squad at the end of the squad’s season. Fans of the party have also brought the banner ‘Don’t Want Neymar’ to the gallery. “I understand the hardships of the supporters’ hearts, it’s really hard to accept,” Neymar said shortly after the incredible goal of Bicycle Kick in the League One. But from now on I am PSG. ‘

And Neymar, who opened up about the relationship with supporters after the goal against Bordeaux yesterday, said, ‘It’s like a relationship, a love affair. There will be talk and talk, never again. There will be tension. I’m here to help PSG and give him life on the field. ”Neymar will not be able to play in the next match of PSG in the Champions League. This will be his last match of the two-match ban.

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