The German team and the Bayern war with Nuer!!

Many suggested Bayern management negotiations with national coach Joachim Low. But the Bayern president dismissed the proposal, saying, “There is no room for discussion. Joachim’s attitude is understandable. ‘

Bayern Munich declared virtually a war against the German football establishment.

Bayern keeper Manuel Nuer is in the center of the trouble. Bayern President Wooley Hoynes has declared, “If Bayern’s footballers are not on the national team if they do not honor Newar,” he has made it clear that “replacing Ander Stegan as the goalkeeper will be a way of boycotting the national team.”

Coach Joachim Lo Talbanha has begun taking Bayern keeper to the national team. Not many senior Bayern footballers have been called. Barcelona keeper André Stefan recently complained that he was not being used in the national team. Not a single match has been played in the last year. Noor has played in any match. National coach Lo himself emphasized Stagen’s accusation. Stefan has been involved in a dispute with Nuer.

Why would a footballer playing in a club outside Germany be ranked number one? This is where Bayern’s debate is. Stefan has long been the number one keeper for Lionel Messi’s team. He got into trouble after making a statement on his own.

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