The conditions under which foreign nationals are taking Chinese citizenship

This is the first time since 2002 that a country of 100 million people is giving ‘foreigners’ a chance to qualify for the World Cup. Though the idea of ​​playing a foreign footballer in a national team has been in the discussion for many years, it was not implemented until the 21st.

This was one of the main conditions for Marcello Lippi, who served as coach of the Chinese national team for the second time. There are several footballers who have been citizens of China in the last eight months or are going to be citizens in the near future. In addition to the FIFA rules, these players have to follow different rules for playing for China.

১. At least one of the family must be of Chinese origin
Although China wants to improve their football performance, their Chinese nationalism is not ready to give up. So after they decided to join a foreign player, they started looking for players whose ancestors were of Chinese origin.
2. Experience playing in a European club or academy
While giving foreign players citizenship is now legally allowed in Chinese football, the Chinese club and football authorities are reluctant to give anyone that opportunity, except for the skilled players. President Xi Jinping has taken a huge plan to improve the training system for the rapid improvement of young players in the country, part of which is to try to achieve success with players from abroad.

৩. Exceptional performance in any Chinese club
Born in Brazil in August, China granted Alexon citizenship, though China had no connection with the family. But Elkson has played in the Chinese league for six years. Because he is the highest goal scorer of the Chinese Super League all time, with 4 goals.

৪. Must leave original citizenship
Lionel Messi can play in the Argentina squad despite having a Spanish passport, but that is not possible for the Chinese national team. Chinese citizenship law does not validate dual citizenship, that is, a passport from another country cannot be held to obtain Chinese citizenship.

1. Having a Chinese name
Even if a Chinese player can’t speak Chinese, he must have a Chinese name so that supporters can encourage him by that name. In the late 1970s, foreign players were given different names for the Japanese national team.

1, must learn to sing national music
According to the Chinese Football Association, this is exactly what they wanted from a foreign player after obtaining Chinese citizenship.

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