The Barcelona Messi-based team, the coach has no objection

How much does a match change! Barcelona was not in a bad state even before El Clasico. They were two points ahead of Real Madrid in the league. Napoli is back in the Champions League with a draw. On March 7, rivals were in a much better position than Real Madrid. But after losing 2-1 at Clasico, the team was in great trouble. Whether Barcelona is becoming too Messi-dependent or not, he is in talks. In such a situation, coach Kiki Setien says he has no objection to the fact that Barcelona plays Messi.

Tired of squabbling. Luiz Suarez and Ousmane Dembele have been sidelined for the entire season in the offensive. Taiwan Griezmann and Lionel Messi have had to share the responsibility of scoring. Martin Brathwaite is not yet in the original XI, despite being summoned on an emergency basis. In such a situation, no life can be found in the playing of Barcelona. The whole team is looking forward to a magical moment at Messi. If anything happens, they are just leaving the field with a win.

Nothing has happened on the field in Real Madrid. The performance of the team has increased the frustration of supporters and coaches. The assistant coach has also abused players from the dugout. For this, he has to apologize in the meantime. In such a situation Barcelona is going to play in the field of Real Sociedad. Barca coaches are recovering only 3 of the main squad in the form of Souciadas. In this situation Messi is the coach who has given all the responsibility, ‘It is true that some players try to force him all the time. I did it anyway. Messi has produced 5% of the team’s results. I always tell the players if the ball is in the right place, then the result of the match is correct. That’s why they find him. This dependency is normal. I want them to do that, then I’ll be safe. ”

Although Setienne was taken to Barcelona for other reasons. Former Messi relied heavily on former coach Ernesto Valverde. Because of that, Barcelona’s supporters were upset over Valverde’s game. Valverde has been sacked as a champion at the top of the league and also in the group stage of the Champions League. In that case, Setien was called in to bring Barcelona’s familiar football back. Johan Cruyff’s passing football and his desire for beautiful football, Setienne, also acknowledged in the pre-conference match, “Many say I should be Barcelona’s coach. I didn’t think so. What have I done What’s on my CV? But I think the way Barcelona wants to play. That’s why Barcelona called me. ‘

If Messi can rely on that gift of football, then nobody will object to it. But failing that danger!

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