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These terms of service outline the rules and regulations for the use of PlayBallNews

This page (together with the documents referred to on it) sets out the terms of service on which you may make use of the playballnews.com website, whether as a guest or a registered user.   Please read these terms of service carefully before you start to use the site. By using our site, you indicate that you accept these terms of service, which include the privacy policy that applies to our site (the “Privacy Policy”) and that you agree to abide by them.   If you do not agree to these terms of service, please refrain from using our site

Can i reuse content from PlayBallNews?

You normally need to ask permission.

To ask about using content from the PLAYBALLNEWS website email the News Website Permissions team.

To ask about using content from any other PlayBallNews sites, get in touch here.

Remember to include info about what you want to do with the content and where you’d like to use it.

Bear in mind…

There may be a fee to pay.

Can I use images or screenshots?

You’ll need to ask permission. Here’s how.

We don’t own most of the photos and pictures on the our News site. But whoever does is often credited in the corner. This is why we won’t let you use photos and pictures from PlayBallNews for commercial purposes.

Can I share things from the PLAYBALLNEWS?

Yes, but there are a few rules (see below).

Things you can share :

  • Use sharing buttons
  • Embed
  • Direct Link

**PlayBallNews can change the terms of service any time

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