Spurs and Chelsea want to take advantage of the home…

Liverpool and Manchester City are preparing to spend more time with rivals in the English Premier Football League. Although their opponents want to consolidate their position with weak weapons. In the previous season, the two teams have been at a dismal pace. Runners-up Liverpool finished third with Chelsea scoring 20 points. Waiting for a similar interval this time, the two teams are on guard.

The team at the top of the list is expected to add two more three points tomorrow with a win in the last match of the week. Liverpool will travel to Sheffield United on Saturday. And the city will travel to Everton. Their closest rivals at the moment are Lister City, Arsenal, and Westham. The top two of them are struggling to survive in the Champions League. They have won all three matches, even though six seasons have already ended.

The other three major teams in the league are Tottenham, Chelsea, and Manchester United. That is why the clubs who are under pressure will try to return to the competition by winning tomorrow’s home match.

Manchester didn’t show the least humanity towards Watford last weekend. They lost 4-1. However, Pep Guardiola’s disciples will have to lose eight points to win the Premier League title. It is because Liverpool will take an eight-point lead with another win before they get to the field at Goodison Park on Saturday.

Jurgen Klopp’s disciples are sure to come out of the field at Sheffield with the goal of winning the Premier League on Saturday. Liverpool lost in a league match on January 27 to a team other than the ‘Big Six’. Tottenham have been knocked out of the race to win their first trophy of the season under Maurizio Pochettino. In the third leg of the League Cup, they lost unfortunately to the Division III club, Colchester.

The Spurs, who have played a total of eight matches in all competitions in the new season, have won only two matches. Just 5 wins from the last 5 games including last season. If Pochettino can’t win his team against Southampton on Saturday, he will face a record rate. The Spurs will have to face Bayern Munich in the Champions League match on Tuesday.

Pochettino told reporters, “Even at this difficult moment, I am relatively lean. Because there will be a result, success or failure. ‘ We deserved to win in that match. He could have reached the third position with three full points.

Meanwhile, Chelsea had a great burn in the League Cup. Grimsby defeated Stamford Bridge 4-1. This was the first win for newcomer Chelsea coach Frank Lampard at home. The win was a motivating one for Liverpool last week after losing 2–0. The Blue Jays have continued to play defensively, however, under Lampard. But hopefully, Angolo Conte is returning to the squad after suffering an injury. As a result, the Blues will be able to rotate better.

Brighton will visit Bridge on Saturday. With that match, they will have a great chance of returning to the top four. Of course, Southampton, Newcastle, Burnley, Watford, and Crystal Palace have the same opportunity. Meanwhile, Manchester United have been saved from losing in the League Cup. The Red Devils were able to win against Rochdale in the tiebreaker. The match was drawn 3-1 at the scheduled time. Teenager Mason Greenwood scored the only goal for Ule Gunnar Sulsher’s team.

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