Sex with Georgina more enjoyable than best goals

The versatility of Portuguese superstar Cristiano Ronaldo in sex life is unknown to anyone.

Has scored all the incredible goals in football life. In the first leg of last year’s Champions League quarterfinals, Bicycles scored a fantastic goal. The Portuguese goalkeeper also described the goal as the best goal in life. But she has more enjoyable sex than goals. Have sex with your girlfriend!

In an interview to journalist Pierce Morgan, Ronaldo said sex with girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez was the most enjoyable moment of his life, despite scoring the best goals in football. Many are surprised to hear the superstar’s answer, even the purists are criticizing. However, Ronaldo fans say it is only possible for Ronaldo to answer such a straightforward shot as a bullet motion shot at the goalpost.

Recently, British journalist Pierce Morgan interviewed Ronaldo. In that interview, Dad cried as he got up. Former Manchester star Morgan poses the question, What is the most enjoyable moment of life? To which Ronaldo was heard laughing, “Having sex with my wife (Georgina) is the best moment of my life.

Ronaldo now plays in Juventus after leaving Real Madrid. But last year in the Champions League, Bike K scored that famous goal against Juventus! In the context of that goal, Ronaldo said, ‘I have scored about five goals in my life. I’ve been trying to score a goal like that for a long time. Finally, I made that dream goal by bike. The way I scored Gianluigi Buffon’s goal against Juventus was spectacular.

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