Sell Neymar to a Brazilian prostitute

Neymar has taken the field for the first time in a new season after a potential squad collapsed in Barcelona. Earlier, PSG played 3 matches. He was not in any match. He was the attraction on the day Neymar returned to the squad. Neymar won the match against Strasbourg after being pushed all the time.
The Brazilian scored a superb overhead kick by crossing the body from the left and floating in the air. Shortly afterwards, the ball was added to the net, but that goal was canceled at VR.
However, supporters of PSG appeared on the banner of anti-Neymar banners. Neymar has also been slandered in a blasphemous language under the banner. Earlier in the first game of the season, PSG Ultra expressed dissatisfaction with Neymar. On the day of Neymar’s return, the situation was witnessed another time by the ex-Princess.
However, Neymar has to face the irony in this match. During the match, Neymar was seen banning two banners. Where one wrote, ‘PSG doesn’t have the space to spend $ 20 million out of my pocket to go back to Messi.’
Another banner read, “Neymar’s father should sell him in Villa Mimosa (Brazil’s largest brothel).”
However, the Brazilian superstar is not offended by the behavior of the audience. At the end, Neymar said, “I have nothing to say to the supporters. I knew it would be difficult. If they want to yell at me, they have a right to it. They shouldn’t bother me that much though. The team should think, that’s what matters. From now on, I will play the home match like the away match. ”

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