Rudi Gutendorf: World record-holding manager dies aged 93

Rudi Gutendorf coached Rwanda during 1999-2000 as the country was recovering from the 1994 civil war.

Manager Rudi Gutendorf, holder of a Guinness World Record for coaching 55 teams in 32 countries across five continents, is no more.

Rudi Gutendorf died Sunday, September 15th, aged 93.

‘Restless Rudi’ took his first management role with Swiss side Blue Stars Zurich in the 1950s, while his final job in management was with Samoa in 2003.

Gutendorf was the first foreign manager to win the Japanese League, in 1984 with Yomiuri SC.

The German Football Association vice-president, Dr Rainer Koch, called him an “outstanding ambassador of German football”.

We lose in him someone who has enriched us through his big heart and positivity every day, his family said.

Rudi Gutendorf was born on August 30th 1926.

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