Ronaldo’s free kick is getting scary

The foul in front of the D-box, the referee playing the free kick flute. Cristiano Ronaldo came up with a free kick to see such a golden opportunity. For such a long time, the throat of the defenders and goalkeepers was drying up. But nowadays, Ronaldo is afraid to take a free kick but his supporters are panicking. That panic is another opportunity to lose.
Sounds incredible, but the reality is now. Ronaldo still holds the record for most goals from a free kick. Lionel Messi scored four goals less than the Portuguese forward. But the goal that Ronaldo can score from a free kick is not his chance to see his club Juventus. Ronaldo was unable to score from a free kick for Juventus after spending more than a season.Juventus added Ronaldo to the club after breaking the club’s defensive record last season. Ronaldo has been the team’s highest scorer in a 26-5 season. But he is not supposed to be satisfied with the number of goals. Has scored less than thirty goals in his first season this past decade.

He has not played a goal since. He had a chance to score from a free kick against Verona this week. But CR Seven destroyed it again.

Ronaldo took 26 free kicks in the junta jersey. The league has taken 5.

None translated into goals 3 of the 25 free kicks hit the human wall. Two have passed through the goalpost. The remaining seven goalkeepers received a touch of hand. As a result, the question arises whether Juventus’ free kick should be given to Pianich. The midfielder scored a goal with six free kicks after Ronaldo arrived.
Failing to score a goal from a free kick, Ronaldo was on the verge of setting up a Serie A record. The record was set last season by Camillo Ciano of Fresnin. Siano could not score a goal from 20 free kicks.

Ronaldo has been seen scoring a goal since the last free kick in 20 World Cups. The Portuguese captain scored the free kick in the last goal of the match against Spain on a hat-trick. His memories of his goals from free kick in club football are even older. FIFA Club scored the last free kick in Real Madrid’s jersey at the FIFA Club World Cup.
Messi is gradually reducing the chance of his misery. Three years ago, Messi (5) was far behind Ronaldo (6) in goal from the free kick. Ronaldo has scored three free kick goals in the last three years, and Messi? Three!

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