Ronaldo wept after watching video of the deceased father

Cristiano Ronaldo lost his father before becoming a star. Dr Sean’s father, José Dinis Aveiro, used to drink heavily. He died of a serious liver disease. José could not see the success of the boy. CR Seven cried at the thought of his father.

Ronaldo recently appeared in a talk show on British Channel ITV. It was performed by the famous British TV celebrity Pierce Morgan. On that show comes the rise of the Portuguese star’s life. An instant video is shown of his deceased father.

The video was just before the Euro 20. Ronaldo was one of the emerging stars of the tournament. It is believed that Portugal will get another superstar after Eusebio and Luis Figo.

That’s why Ronaldo’s father was interviewed before the tournament. José Dinis interviewed at the door of his house. He was very impressed with his son’s talent and proud of his achievements. Shortly, the interview was blown up.

Ronaldo had never seen the video before. Maybe he wasn’t even mentally ready to see it. He became obsessed with watching the talk show. He could not hold himself back. The Portuguese youth burst into tears.

The five-year-old footballer said I had never seen the video. Sounds incredible to me.

The talk show is boomerang in a sense for Ronaldo. “I thought the event would be a lot of fun,” he said. There will be lots of chatter and laughter. I didn’t want to come here and cry. But I’ve never seen Dad’s video before. So I couldn’t control the emotions. I need to collect it. I have to show my family. I don’t know where they found the footage.

Relating to his father, the Juventus star said, “Dad didn’t understand things.” I could not understand him a hundred percent. Dad used to drink a lot. I never had a normal conversation with him. It hurts, sorry, he didn’t have the good fortune to see anything. My success, my brothers and sisters, my four sons and daughters, so many trophies. Couldn’t see anything….

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