Ronaldo turned down Messi | two stars of world football

How is the relationship between Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo?

The best two stars of world football, there is a fight for excellence. When Messi-Ronaldo talks about a different place, there is a tendency between the two to be either jealous or skeptical of each other’s superiority.

But when they sit somewhere in the face, there is no way to see if there is really a cool conflict between them. The two seem to know how long they have been friends. There is no shortage of laughter, joke, murder.

As was the case a few years ago at UEFA’s annual event. The two sat side by side in the chair. The thing is, the exchange was like that. The two stars, who won the Ballon d’Or five times, were smiling.

“We’ve been sharing this stage for 3 years,” said Monaco Ronaldo. There is no one other than the two of us this year. Our relationship is great. Although we did not go to dinner together on any given day, it can be seen in the future to do so. ‘

Sitting next to him, Macy Mookkey laughed. Messi later said in another interview that he thought of Ronaldo’s offer. He also wants to eat together if given the opportunity.

But is Messi and Ronaldo really good friends? Is the distance between them only professionalism? Now, what Ronaldo said, anyone is bound to break the misconception.

In an interview to journalist Pierce Morgan recently, Ronaldo said: “Many were surprised to see us talking at the UEFA event. However, we are not friends at all. We have been sharing the stage of trust for the last 3 years. ‘

The confession of Ronaldo’s face says that, as much as he does on the outside, the fight is the same as before. Now let’s see if there is an answer from Messi.

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