Ronaldo spent his shame on rape charges…!

British TV star Pierce Morgan said a few days ago that he was going to be shocked. Cristiano interviewed Ronaldo, where he met a man who had never been seen before. Morgan kept talking. In a conversation with him, Ronaldo wept bitterly. He also expressed helplessness over the rape allegations against him.

Former US model Catherine Miyargo allegedly raped Cristiano Ronaldo five years ago. The German newspaper ‘Der Spiegel’ made a big report in October. The case was settled this July. Ronaldo has been released from the charges after he could not be fully confirmed about the charges. However, many have accused him of having an impact against his club Juventus. That context has also come up in discussions with Morgan.

Der Spiegel said Ronaldo gave $ 100,000 to Mayoriga to blow it up. In a conversation with Morgan, Ronaldo spoke candidly of the timing of the accusation, saying: ‘They played with respect, it’s hard. Have girlfriends, have family, have children. When your integrity is questioned, it is very, very difficult.

The allegations of rape have now been dropped. Now he is not even discussed. But once the pages of the magazine opened or on TV channels, Ronaldo’s allegations of rape were always discussed. Ronaldo was mentally helpless at the time, ‘I remember one day sitting in the living room with my girlfriend and watching TV. I was watching the news. Then they were talking about Cristiano Ronaldo and that. Then I heard my children go down the stairs. Immediately I changed the channel, because I was so ashamed. We were so ashamed. I’ve changed the channel so that Cristiano Jr. doesn’t hear what his father is saying about him. That’s a bad thing. Frankly, I was very upset.

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