Ronaldo said of his retirement

Cristiano Ronaldo, Real Madrid, July 7, 2015, Tokyo, Japan : Real Madrid footballer Christiano Ronaldo attends the press conference for MTG's new product at the Bellesalle Shibuya in Tokyo, Japan, on July 7, 2015. (Photo by AFLO)
When will Ronaldo retire?

For 34 years now, at least the eyes can not be ideal for playing soccer. But Cristiano Ronaldo has proved just the opposite. Despite this age, he has been performing on the field, maintaining incredible fitness. Yet, it seems, at times it has never been less!

The Portuguese star is retiring at the age he is now fielding. But Ronaldo is no longer like ten ordinary footballers. Ronaldo has no desire to lift the boots too soon. It may also be possible to continue playing forwards like Ryan Giggs and Paolo Maldini. Ronaldo, though, has been having a good time working out on the field in recent times. The five-year-old footballer has been well-focused on business and business. The hotel has opened the perfume company ‘Play It Cool’.

A question arises as to how Ronaldo is focusing outside the game, can the Juventus star see retirement?

Ronaldo has left supporters worried as he answers the question. Ronaldo may have noticed the retirement time as he was slowly gaining attention outside the game – thinking his supporters were. But Ronaldo retained the news media ‘Sportbible’ in his reply, ‘I love football. Love to entertain fans who love me. Age is not a problem here, everything depends on the mind. For the past five years, I have also started enjoying time outside of football. So who knows what will happen next year or in two years? ‘

Ronaldo wants to be the best in football. His mentality is just that – no matter how good he is. Ronaldo, who wants to rise to the top of the business world outside of football. ‘I have to work for many years to reach this level. Out of football I have not yet reached the desired place. I like competition, so it’s disgusting to be in two or three. Want to be the best of all time. I will try, 100 percent sure. ‘

note: Ronaldo’s words say that he has started thinking about the outside world of football. And that’s pretty loud. When does a footballer in a queue start thinking about playing outside? You know the answer!


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