Ronaldo BURSTS INTO TEARS as he watched video of dead dad

The footballer and glam are both in the match, with Cristiano Ronaldo likely to put it all down. 

However, there are also some things that people in the blood and meat are saying. So it appeared in a recent interview. Watching a video footage of the deceased’s father, the water of the eye comes from the star of the Juventus. Where the boy’s achievement was said to be the father of the Ronaldinho.


Video is done before the start of the Euro tournament in Portugal in 2004. The following year, the world’s Maya left her father José Disnis Abreero. José was an alcoholic and a former soldier. He died of liver disease at the age of 52 years. Sadly, he could not see that the boy’s Sky was the greatest success.

In the interview crying in damp eyes, Ronaldo said, “I’ve never seen this video. Incredible The forward later spoke of the rape allegations that came up recently. ‘ I was embarrassed about it ‘ Although the US model does not prove anything in the case, Ronaldo is free to complain.

Tomorrow on Britain’s free-to-air channel, the interview will be broadcast on TV at 5 p.m. local time at Pearce Morgan’s. 

But Good Morning Britain today revealed some of the discussions. Where he is asked to find out what the father is proud of about his son’s achievement, ‘ Yes, it’s great. 

“I thought the interview would be funny,” Ronaldo said. But I didn’t expect that to weep. I’ve never seen these pictures before. I don’t know where you got the photos… These pictures show my family. 

‘ I honestly don’t know 100 percent of my dad’s. He was an alcoholic person. Normally I would never have talked to him. It was tough. ‘ Ronaldo died when his father was 20 years old. So he could not see the big moments in his career.

Among them were former clubs Real Madrid and Manchester United, winning five Champions Leagues. The award was won by the five-time winning player of the year. He has also not seen any of his four children, José.

José was attacked by the Angola of Mozambique and the war. Ronaldo adds, “He hasn’t seen the climb to the top of me and he’s not going to see my prize.” My family, mom and brother even saw my eldest son. But dad hasn’t seen anything. It was… He died at a very young age. 

Working together in the Armand, a childhood friend of Ronaldo’s father, Jose was proud to say his son would someday be the best player in the world. Another friend of Espio said, “After the war, he and Jose were all gone. We didn’t have any work or money at the end of that fight. Of course I saw Ronaldo and he remembered his father. He had problems and he had nothing to eat. As a result, he would leave the wine. His friends bought him for liquor. He had no money. Not enough to eat. 

In the interview Ronaldo also told his girlfriend Georgi Rodrales, “He helped me a lot. Of course I’ve fallen in love with her. We’ll be together someday (get married), for sure. This is my mother’s dream.

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