Ronaldinho may not be in jail !!

Ronaldinho flew from Guarulhos Airport in Sao Paulo, Brazil on Wednesday. Upon arriving in Asuncion, they were handed a Paraguay passport. Delphino said Ronaldinho said the passport was a gift. Investigations revealed that fake passports have the same number as the other passports.

Despite having a fake passport, Ronaldinho and his brother Roberto may not have to read in the face of imprisonment. Two brothers appeared in court in Asuncion, Paraguay. Where no charges have been framed against them.

Prosecutor Federico Delphino said both knew they were committing a crime. At the same time, both agreed to accept ‘no other punishment’. In the words of Delphino, ‘we are thinking of a road where the two will not be charged directly.’ He has been detained.

However, the lawyer has to wait to find out whether Delphino’s proposal will be accepted by the judge. The judge will announce his decision in Asuncion’s court on Friday.

Now the question is, what could be the ‘other punishment’ of Ronaldinho and his brother? According to legal experts in Paraguay, Ronaldinho may be fined. That money will go to a charity in that country. News reports could not be reached with Ronaldinho’s lawyer, Adolfo Marin. Ronaldinho could get a huge punishment. But if the judge accepts the lawyer’s suggestion, he may only be fined.

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