Real Ronaldo has forgotten the free kick! Shame on the record!!!

Ronaldo is still more fit than his age. FIFA received a nomination last year but lost to Messi. Portuguese legends like Cristiano Ronaldo’s rainbow are turning the edge of free-kick. His free kicks are no longer mesmerized by the antagonist’s antics. His free-kick has become so poisonous that the goalkeeper is giving it back! This event has given birth to a lot of surprises.

The Portuguese superstar was always capable of scoring a free-kick. Russia got a free-kick at the very end of the Portugal-Spain match at the Russia World Cup. The Portuguese superintendent was shaking the net in Spain with a knock on the chance. Ronaldo’s goal from a free-kick against Portsmouth while playing at Manchester United remains alive in the memory of the football madness.

Real Madrid has scored numerous goals in the jersey from the free-kick. Statistics say Ronaldo owns a record of more goals than a free-kick. Everlasting Lionel Messi scored five goals less than that. However, Ronaldo lost his free-kick shortly after leaving Real. Ronaldo had a chance to score from a free-kick against Verona this week. But could not take advantage of that opportunity.

Ronaldo has taken 25 free kicks for Juventus so far. He has taken 5 free kicks in the Serie A league. Not a single goal was scored. Six of the 20 free kicks have hit the human wall. Two of the goalposts went out. Goalkeeper has somehow prevented the remaining 5! Frescino’s Camillo Siano failed to score from 20 free kicks last season. Ronaldo was on his way to a shameful record after failing to score a goal from the free-kick.

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