Real Madrid Survived,Messi’s FC Barcelona need to test

barcelona vs inter milan

They can create pressure on Barcelona’s slow defense. Lionel Messi will probably be hurt today. But he has not had a good pre-season for a big injury. The result was not in a horrible mood.

Real Madrid 2-2 after two goals, Zinedine Zidane Real draws on a losing streak to an unnamed team like the Belgium Bruins. Zidane had to pick up goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois during the break. In the first match of the Champions League, Real lost 1-0 to Paris. Eden Hazards are still in the Champions League, despite reaching the top of La Liga.

Meanwhile, Barcelona are undoubtedly ahead of inter Milan in Wednesday’s match-winning personalities. But Antonio Conte will surely bring some panic in the recent form.

Barcelona have lost six and a half years in the Champions League match at home. 12 matches. Only three times this time in the middle three teams have drawn in camp Nou. Atlético Madrid (23-5), Juventus (25-5) and Tottenham (25-5). So even before camp, the challenge is quite difficult.Stars like Romelu Lukaku-Alexis Sanchez look for goals.

They can create pressure on Barcelona’s slow defense. Lionel Messi will probably be hurt today. But he has not had a good pre-season for a big injury before. The result was not in a horrible mood. The newly arrived star Totoya Grijman has not been burned that way yet. So Luis Suarez has to rely a lot on Ernesto Balbarde.

Luis Suarez played a major role in the barcelona-inter milan match. But he is not Suarez, the only Ballon d’Or winner in Spain. Who came to Barcelona to play for Inter in the 5th. That was the last time Barcelona lost to the Enta Kamp boat. Can you return that day? Not sure any expert. However, it is not impossible to exploit the weaknesses of the Balbard team.

Liverpool will play against Salzburg, the Austrian club. The Jurgen Klopp team’s win in the Premier League should not be a problem in this match as well.
Frank Lampard will play Chelsea in the away match against France’s Lille. Lampard’s team at the opposite end of Liverpool. No match is easy in front of the number seven team in the Premier League. In this match you can return to injury.

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