Pierless to the defeated referees, the battlefield east-bengals Gallery

It wasn’t a big match. The chaos also reached the East Bengal Gallery. A day earlier in the Kolkata League, Mohun Bagan took a great win against the George Telegraph. A day later, the Pierless’s face fell on the top. This pierless is a very close-up. A greater gap. The former Cromai ended his hopes of winning the garden. And it is he who made the goal. The Eastbengal Harl is 1-0. The only goal from the penalty was Ansumana Kromah. The red-yellow Brigade were unable to pay the round. At the end of the match, the arena was the Eastbengals field.

The lost referee was attacked by the other men. The gallery then expressed disappointment. But when the players get up, they immediately see the form of a field of Gyario. A bottle of water started to fly. Supporters. To stop the tension, the police had to make a staff charge.

The players were not able to accept the penalty. For the reason that the match was over, they were the referee. Lalronda Rakhe was accompanied by the Mehtab Lions by goalkeeper coach Avro Mondolo. He is the only person who is a man.

Eastwood lost again to the top of the league pierless. The eastbengal was largely lagging behind. Mohun Bagan is in second place. It was a good start for morsumi, even though it was a shock to the Eastbengals Durand Cup. This is the red-yellow brigade that has played football since the beginning.

The rain was slow in the wet field. He takes the head of the Mascourse post. In the 58 minute, he could not go down and open the mouth of a calf. In fact, the team sat down to digest the scoring.

64 in the 18th-yard box, he got the penalty pierless. He did not make a mistake in scoring from the penalty. His goal appetite has remained the same in pierless blue jersey. 65 minutes went pierless. But for another 25 minutes at the hands of Eastwood, he didn’t seem to be able to make the round. Rather, Pierlescay can be seen to fidget to increase the gap. Gets five minutes extra. In the entire hour, the Golleera could not find a way to the eastbengals.

At the end of the match this is how the referee attacked the East Bengal .Very shamefull things now a days happening in indian footbal.

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