Neymar returned to Barca before appearing in court due to contract issues.

A Spanish court is set to meet Friday to resolve the complexity of the dispute over Neymar’s contract. His deal with former club Barcelona with the Brazilian star Neymar has been complicated. And the case has been going on for a long time. A spokesman for the court said Neymar will have to appear in person in person. Neymar’s lawyer did not say anything in this regard, but Spanish news that his video was released in Barcelona on Thursday. Return to his hometown to his hometown. Barcelona are expected to negotiate to take Neymar back from Paris swap. He is expected to be seen at his old club next summer.

When did the hearing begin?

On Friday morning, two parties will present an hour and a half before the judge in Labor Court. The hearing began at 7 am.

Why Neymar left Barcelona?

Neymar, who left Barcelona at the start of the debate, suddenly signed a PSG deal with the Twenty20. Less than a year after signing a deal with Barcelona, ​​he moved to PSG. Where he was supposed to stay till 2020.

Barcelona leave him in the 222 million euro transfer deal. Which is still the biggest transfer value in the history of world football.

Barcelona later took legal action against Neymar in breach of contract and refused to pay him 20 million euros. Which was supposed to be a renewal bonus for his contract renewal?

Neymar appealed to FIFA. But that didn’t work for Neymar. After that, he became a lawgiver.

The controversial contract was signed with the club on November 26. He never got the full bonus though. He got a penny. The rest had to do with the new agreement. But Barcelona rejected the move as he moved to PSG within a year. Rather, the value of the upside-down bonus is sought back from Neymar.

The club wants a refund of interest with 1.5 million euros. Neymar wants the rest of his 20 million euros in return for his lawsuit.

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