Neymar can win the Ballon d’Or

One Day Ballon d’Or Neymar. This is nothing new. Football analysts have been listening to it since the 21st. But after 3 years of waiting, the faithful could not. Twelve times he has risen on the podium of Ballon d’Or. But he had to be satisfied with the third. The FIFA Player of the Year will be named today. Neymar is not in the top ten of FIFA Best. However, his teammates could not win this season but PSG could win the Ballon d’Or next season.

Andre Herrera has left Manchester United this season and has returned to PSG. The Bilbao midfielder came and watched the squad play. During the two-month transition, Neymar has tried without a PSG. The Brazilian winger did not make it to the field at this time. Neymar, however, is playing right after the transfer. PSG won his goal at the last minute in two drawn matches. After such a performance, Herrera claims that Neymar will be able to fit the World Series tag this season.

In a conversation with Lekip, Herrera said: “I am very happy to play with Neymar. I won’t say anything about his replacement. Now he is with us. An extraordinary player that can win the Ballon d’Or. This season, this year. If not in two years. We are very happy I hope he can play like this the whole season. ‘

“He can play better,” said teammate Tomas Tuchel, who is also keen on playing Neymar. Don’t forget, in just four months the second or third match is down. He will play better, while his physical ability will increase. But it’s Neymar, he always fixes the match. He always thinks about attacks. In a tough match, there are players who can make a difference. 

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