Neymar answered the dueling goal

Neymar saved PSG in the last minute. And the Paris Giants beat Leone 3-1 in that goal.

Why Neymar think about barcelona fc fans?

Neymar is well aware that the PSG’s supporters will never properly praise him after he had gone insane to go to Barsa during the transfer. Supporters must win the hearts of the performers silently. And the Brazilian star is doing very well in that regard. He also gave the team a win in last-minute goals this week, just like last week.

When did Neymar jr scores?

Neymar’s goal came against Leo in 5 minutes. Neymar wasn’t there in the first XI, PSG didn’t play very well. Have to leave the field with a goalless draw against the opponents? Neymar did not like the matter. Later, he changed the fate of the match. Opposition supporters were hurling Neymar at Leo’s field when he tried to kick a corner. He was throwing bottles and other items towards Neymar. But Neymar also knew how to make a collective reply. He is a player of any quality, not in the face, Neymar explained the goal. At the very last moment of the game, Neymar’s goal shot to the left of Leo’s supporters, with a great shot in the left leg. And PSG supporters became fascinated by this. It didn’t take long for Neymar to turn their duo into cheers!

Neymar jr is On fire!

Neymar was happy with the team’s teammates, Thomas Tuchel, in the fire. PSG, who has not yet seen Neymar’s original form, has claimed that ‘Don’t forget, Neymar is set to play only his third match in four months. She is not fully healthy yet. He’ll play better. Will improve further. His physical ability will increase. He will make such important goals and help us further. ‘

What was his dream before Leaving Barcelona?

Leaving his dream to go to Barsa, Neymar is now completely PSG, thinking Tukhel, ‘He has nowhere else to go? He has a hundred percent with our project. His relationship with his teammates is very normal. He will do whatever he needs to do to win PSG. ‘

If Tuchel’s words have not changed at the time of the next transfer in January, it is now!

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