Messi’s worst start to his career

Lionel Messi is hit again. The left thigh injury has pushed him off the field for a few more matches. He has been battling an injury since the start of the season. The start of the season was the worst of Messi’s career.

Only a few days ago thigh injury was healed. He got hurt again!

When does Messi get hurt?

Lionel Messi took the field for the first time in the post-season season against the Vikings. However, it did not take half an hour to prove that his injury was not completely cleared. Messi again lost his thigh injury. Notwithstanding, playing in the first half somehow, he could not do much in the second half.

Coach Ernesto Valverde lifted him off the field early in the second half, continuing the line of thought of supporters.

Why did Messi leave the field indefinitely?

Messi has gone out of the field indefinitely. Messi never had such a bad time before the start of the season. Messi received an injury in pre-season practice. He burns his throat. The Argentine star was not seen in the opening matches of the season due to this injury. After returning from injury, he has gone out of the field again for not spending 5 days. As a result, Messi was healthy for only five days so far this season. He will want to forget the start of the season.

What about Next Match against Getafe?

Naturally, next week Barcelona will have to go down the field without Messi against Getafe. When to return, who knows. Messi is expected to not appear on the field against Inter Milan in the Champions League on October 2. Barcelona has a goalless draw with Dortmund in the Champions League without Messi. In that match, Messi, who was ill in the second half, could not recover.

Now if Messi is not against Inter Milan, it is doubtful how many bars ।a can do in the match. If they do not win Barcelona against the Inter, they will have to worry about getting up in the second round.

Barcelona has fallen into the tough group in this year’s Champions League. He has great form under Antono Cointe. The team has already risen to the top after winning the first five matches in the series ‘A’.

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