Messi-Ronaldo together?

Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. Will these two superstars of football be seen as teammates on the same team’s jersey? Former Barcelona executive Arriedo Brida seems to think so

Saying this a few years ago, the eyes would be on the forehead. Cristiano Ronaldo was the biggest star in Real Madrid, Lionel Messi the ever-competing Barcelona. Will one of them join the opponent camp instead of the colors?

But now it is not so. It’s been a year and a half since Ronaldo left Juventus. Maceio, on the other hand, is clamoring for farewell to club officials, but farewell. The prospect of seeing these two superstars in a squad is so incredible now but not impossible.

That’s what former Barcelona executive Arivedo Brida said. Before joining Barcelona, ​​Brida has worked for several years as a director at AC Milan. Experienced Brida knows very well how to handle the big stars together.

Brady is not throwing Messi Ronaldo the chance to play for any other team together, “They are both fantastic players. Their chemistry can be great if practiced well together. They can play together. ”In an interview with Radio Anchio Sport on the sporting event at the Rio Radio One in Italy, Braida, though skeptical of whether Messi will ever leave Barca at the end, is an extraordinary player. He’s playing well in Barcelona. he’s been in Barcelona since he was 13 years old. He lives there with his family. It’s hard for him to be without such a place, but not impossible.

”Even so, Messi spreads rumors that he can leave Barsa. It has been reported that clubs like Juventus, Inter Milan, Manchester United, and Manchester City have shown interest in joining Messi. Will Messi leave Barca at all? Time will tell!

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