Messi is the first to vote in Bangladesh, Ronaldo the second

The winner of FIFA ‘The Best’ will be announced today. The role of Bangladesh is also in the selection of world football players. Bangladesh national football coach Jamie Day and captain Jamal Bhuiyan participate in world best elections

Who is the best FIFA player of the year? Will know today. Virgil von Dyke joins Messi-Ronaldo in the prize fight. Today, Messi and Ronaldo, who are the best in the world five times, can beat each other today. Or this time around, the ‘FIFA Best’ award could be seen in the hands of none other than Messi-Ronaldo. Will Virgil von Dyke be able to follow in the footsteps of last year’s ‘FIFA Best’ winner Luca Madrich?

It will be known tonight at 12:30 pm. The Stars fair is going to be held in the Opera House La Scala in Milan, Italy. Let us know beforehand who is going to vote in Bangladesh. Bangladesh National Football Team coach Jamie Day and captain Jamal Bhuiyan have also played a role in the best elections. Messi got the first vote of the two and Ronaldo got the second vote. However, in the case of the third person, the two showed dissatisfaction. Jamie got the number three vote for Dawn and Jamal got the ballot in Hazard’s box.

“I have consistently voted for Messi, Ronaldo and Fon Dyke in the first, second and third,” said Jamie in the first light. Bangladesh captain Jamal is a midfielder because his last ballot was not defender Dyke’s box in the attacking midfielder Hazard of Belgium and Real Madrid; source: bangladesh football

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