Messi has made Mourinho a good coach

José Mourinho had to work to prevent Lionel Messi from being the coach of Real Madrid. José Mourinho has become more involved as a coach as he plans to poison Barcelona’s best star

The world has seen evidence of how good Jose Mourinho is as a coach. He has the potential to play in a new way by freeing the English Premier League from the barrage of Wenger-Ferguson’s 4-5-2. That’s why Chelsea won the league after fifty years. English football has once again become a force.

That’s what Mourinho does. Wherever you went, you left an impression of a fresh thought. It is Chelsea’s English Premier League or Italian League. But who made Mourinho better and richer as a coach? The Portuguese coach confessed to Lionel Messi’s role.

Mourinho has always faced rival Barcelona on a regular basis to coach Real Madrid. Under Pep Guardiola, the golden age of Barcelona. It was almost impossible to stop Messi, Xavi, Iniesta, Puyol, PK, Busquets, Eto’o, Via, and Pedro Bursa. Mourinho was responsible for the loss of the Catalan club. Football lovers have the jurisdiction to consider whether Mourinho was successful in that task. Mourinho, however, was a bit cracked by Bar বারa’s reign, which is certain. And Lionel Messi himself helped indirectly ‘help’ Mourinho!

How? Mourinho himself said, ‘I always say thank you to the players who played under me. Thanks also to those who played against me and folded my forehead. As such, Messi has never played under me. Played in the opposition. I have become a better coach in planning to stop him. I was even better developed as a coach just because of the headaches.

But not only Messi, Mourinho has a chance of stopping many more great players like him, which has helped him become a better coach. The coach, who is currently unemployed, admits, “The same applies to those who have better players like Messi, who have played against my team.”

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