La Liga is more important than the Champions League to Messi

Europe’s biggest football star dreams of winning the Champions League. Suppose the legend of Brazilian legend Ronaldo. He has won the World Cup twice for the country but was unable to win the Champions League in his career. But Lionel Messi’s thinking is different. The Barcelona star put La Liga ahead of the Champions League club tournament in Europe. To him, La Liga is more important than the Champions League.

Messi has won the Champions League four times as well as winning La Liga 4 times for Barcelona. Has won the Copa del Rey 6 times. Messi talks about Spain’s top league after winning the European Gold for the 6th time in Barcelona yesterday. The award was awarded to the best goalkeeper in the European leagues last season. Messi, who scored five goals in five games in La Liga last season, said after winning the Golden Shoe, Spain’s domestic league is of more importance to him.

Barca want to win the third title in La Liga this time. Although Barcelona have not started the season as expected, barcelona are now 2nd in the points table. In that match, the team has 5 points. Real Madrid are at the top with 5 points in their match. Barsa won the last title in the Champions League in 20 matches. Messi could not make it to the final even after four tries.

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