is Brazilian legend Pelé coming to Dhaka, Bangladesh?

Is still in the early stages, but if everything is right, next month’s football legend Pelek will be seen in Dhaka. She is being brought to Dhaka on a two-day visit by an organization called ‘Chal Kheli‘. The Brazilian legend is being brought to Dhaka to honour the contribution of the independent Bangla football team in Bangladesh’s liberation war, the Chilli Trust said.

When contacted by BFF, general secretary of the organization Abu Naim Sohag said, “It is not possible for us to provide details at this time. But we have heard that the trusted named Kheli is trying to bring Pelé to Dhaka. It is not yet clear when you will come to Dhaka. If you come to Dhaka to spend time with the independent Bangla football team, I have heard that you will welcome the independent Bangla team. ‘

When he arrives, he will be the biggest footballer in Dhaka. Zinedine Zidane has come to Dhaka earlier. Lionel Maceio came to Dhaka in the 27th with the Argentine team.

He said that as part of this, Ashikur Rahman, Captain of the Footy Hugs Team and Friends and Chairman of the Cholo Kheli Trust, has arranged to bring Pelé, the living legend of football in Bangladesh.

He will be coming to Dhaka next month to watch a friendly match between the Swadhin Bangla Football Team and Friends and the Footy Hags Team and Friends

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