India has weapons that Bangladesh does not

Sunil Chhatri – The captain of the Bharatiya Jatiya Party is a big thinker of Bangladesh National Football Team right now. These guys are the only ones who can build a gap in the ‘Away’ match of the World Cup and the Asian Cup in Kolkata on October 5. This is exactly what Bangladesh captain Jamal Bhuiyan thinks. However, Bangladesh will have to play with Asian Cup champion Qatar on October 1 in Dhaka before the match against India. But the Bangladesh-India match is under discussion right now. Two eternal rivals at one time. Although India has advanced a lot in football during the recent years, the war between these two countries is still stirring on both sides of the border. The interest remains one. In an interview given to the Indian media, Sameer said, “Bangladesh does not have the weapons that the Indian team has. Sunil is consistently scoring goals for India. Bangladesh is right behind this place. ”The Bangladesh captain has played two matches against India so far. The face of the loss was not seen, however, as the two matches ended unresolved. But Chhatri has scored goals in both matches. The beginning of India’s selection season has been good. The two most powerful teams in the group played well against Oman and Qatar. In the first match against Oman 4-5, they had to leave the field with two goals in the last 5 minutes. In the second match, the team scored a goalless draw against Qatar in Doha. On the other hand, Bangladesh’s selection season started with a 4-1 goal against Afghanistan.

Bangladesh and India will face the World Cup and the Asian Cup in Kolkata on October 8. Bangladesh skipper Jamal Bhuiyan thinks India captain Sunil Chhatri can make a big difference in the fight between neighboring countries.

Jamal’s opponent Qatar in the second match. Although the match is at home, it is very difficult to come up with the current Asian champions. So the eyes of Bangladesh in India match, ‘I saw India’s game against Qatar. Played very well I think India’s fight with us will be the most exciting match in the group. ”Bangladesh has long been out of India in football.

Jamal, who has seen India’s progress in the Asian countries as a major, said: “India is a very strong party. I think India has made the most progress in the Asian team over the last four-five years. ”Jamal, who is away from Denmark with his family, returned to Dhaka after the Afghanistan match. The captain is expected to return to Dhaka before the national team’s camp begins on September 27.

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