He gave Ronaldo a free burger – Ronaldo finds Edna

In an interview some time ago, Cristiano described the days of poverty. Hungry Ronaldo and his fellow teenage footballers sat in front of a McDonald’s store in the hope of getting a burger. Some of McDonald’s employees then kindly offered to eat Ronaldo. Now Ronaldo doesn’t lack money. He did not forget about those days after so long. So he wanted to find those women in the interview. The whereabouts of one of them were finally found.

Ronaldo said in an interview with Pierce Morgan how much he had to sacrifice at the time of his arrival. Still remember those days, ‘If the night is a little deeper, suppose I am hungry at ten or eleven o’clock. The stadium where we were staying was a McDonalds. Often we knock at the back door and say, is there a burger? The compassion of Edna and the rest of the girl was incredible. “

Ronaldo never forgot Eden’s words. In an interview with Morgan, she said of her desire to find them, ‘I couldn’t find them anymore. I’ve talked to a number of people in Portugal, trying to find out where they are because I can’t find their hadith. They shut that McDonald’s up. Hopefully, I can find them through this interview. I’ll be happy then. Because I want to invite Edna to Turin or Lisbon. Want to come to my house and have dinner with me. I want to find them because I want to repay some of that important time loan. I’ll never forget it. ‘

One of the three women was found. His name is Paula Leka. He was found by the Portuguese media Radio Renaissance. Ronaldo remembers the days when he said, “They came in front of the shop counter and gathered a crowd. I wanted to know if there are extra burgers. We then served extra burgers with the permission of our store manager. One of the boys was Ronaldo. He was worse than everyone else. This happens almost every night. ‘

The Laker family also knows, ‘When I remember the incident, I now smile. I told my son about the incident. He does not want to believe that his mother once served free burgers to Ronaldo. That way I’m lying. But my husband knows that. He also saw Ronaldo face to face. At the end of the day, my husband would come to pick me up. Then he saw Ronaldo too. “

After so many days, Ronaldo, who had not forgotten all those days, was impressed by Leica, ‘It is only after remembering the incident after so long, it shows how high he is as a human being. He invited us, I accepted the invitation. I will thank him when I meet him. I will remember those days. “

Pierce Morgan, however, claimed that Leica was not one of the three!

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