Footballer was caught stealing a watch worth € 70,000

On September 9, Caspar Dolberg broke into frustration after returning to practice. The hobbyist’s watch in the locker of this Danish striker from Nice has been stolen during practice. The 25-year-old striker was smashed after losing a watch for 70,000 euros. On the 10th day of the theft, it is learned that one of the associates has done this.

Lamin Diabie-Fadiga, one of the two brightest stars in Nissar’s Academy. He is considered the most talented striker of the last decade. The 5-year-old striker, who regularly plays in France’s age-based squad, or stole Dolberg’s watch. Lekip said Niss might also decide to cancel Diabia’s contract in the case.

Information about Nice:

Born in Nice, Diabie is a second-team player. However, he has already played six matches for the main club. But his career has been shattered by the new incident. Nice has called a hearing on the incident. Diabi is summoned to confess. However, the agreement is more likely to be cancelled.

Prior to losing the clock on September 7, Dolberg had given up on the practice. If he could not find the watch, he would not go against it. But the president of the club did not agree to give a damn about it. The coach was reluctant to take him down the field. Dolberg was later forced to surrender to police. Diabia’s involvement in the investigation into the allegations of a former Ayaks player has been found. 

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