‘FIFA should be Ronaldo’s for years’

According to Juventus sports director Fabio Partichi, Cristiano Ronaldo should have won FIFA The Best Award. Juventus star Lionel Messi won the trophy at Milan on Monday night in FIFA.

Ronaldo was the third of three contestants to be shortlisted for the award. However, according to the Juventus official, the judges made the wrong decision. Looking at Ronaldo’s achievements this year, he should have been nominated for the year.”We were disappointed at the awards ceremony on Monday night (Monday),” said Paratichi, Italy’s sports-based ‘Corriere dello Sport’.

With respect to Messi, the Juventus official said, “With respect to Messi, I am saying that he is an outstanding player. But at the end of last season, we thought he (Ronaldo) deserved the award for the National League, the Serie A and the Italian Super Cup win and the Champions League.

Messi became FIFA Player of the Year with five ranking points. Second Netherlands and Liverpool star defender Virgil von Dyke with 5 ranking points. Portuguese star Ronaldo is third with 5 points.FIFA awards equal 20 percentage points to journalists, national team coaches, captains and supporters. Messi is the captain of the national team.

Ronaldo was not present at the FIFA World Cup this year. He did not play in the Juventus match after suffering an injury in the Italian league. 3-year-old Ronaldo posted a mysterious post on Instagram after Barcelona’s Argentine star Messi won the Varsity Prize. Writing a picture and a few lines. The picture shows Ronaldo sitting on the sofa reading the book carefully.The photo caption states, ‘Patience and perseverance are two things that make the difference between a professional and an amateur. Everything that is big today has started from small. You cannot do everything alone. But do everything possible to fulfill your dream. And remember that the light of dawn will come after night. ‘

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