Even after winning, Neymar said, I wanted to leave

He never had to come down the field in such a situation. Neymar is set to play for the club for the first time this season. With the announcement of the name, PSG supporters started giving both to Neymar. The behavior of his supporters in his own field did not stop throughout the match. Whenever he got the ball, both heard the Brazilian forward. After the team’s winning goal in the 12th minute, it seemed like they would be less than two. But what Neymar has said after the match, that possibility does not appear.

PSG’s gallery exploded after the goal of kicking a bicycle at the last minute of the match. But Neymar didn’t have to cover that up with the two that he had to endure throughout the match. After the match, he directly said that he was not playing at PSG on his own wish, “Everyone knows I wanted to leave. I made it clear. I won’t say the details, it will hurt others. But I am still a PSG player and wish to be happy when I am on the field. In my head now only PSGE. I have no complaints against PSG or the supporters. I wanted to go for personal reasons and I tried my best. But sadly they didn’t let me go. ‘

Neymar has been upset over the behavior of PSG supporters. But the reality is the most expensive footballer in the world, ‘the team is all over now. This is the first and last time I am talking about this. Now I’m just thinking about PSG. But it’s sad that both are listening. I know that every time I play at home, I have to get the attitude of my opponent. Supporters need 5 minutes to support, more important than giving players two. You have to raise the goal with the face that you are giving both. The whole match crossed me with two, but I had to celebrate. ‘

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