Coronavirus fueled Italian football

Italian Serie A coronavirus

The coronavirus epidemic ignites Italian football

Inter Milan were to face Sampdoria today in the Italian Serie A. But the match has been postponed as a warning as the coronavirus epidemic spreads. In addition, two more matches have been suspended in Italy.

Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte announced the postponement of the game at a press conference yesterday. “Sports Minister Vincenzo Spadafora suspended all sports on Sunday in the Veneto and Lombardy areas,” Intero reported on the official account.

In Italy, some football matches were postponed. There, a woman was infected with coronavirus and died. It was the second death in the last 24 hours. A 5-year-old woman died before that. According to the BBC, the number of coronaviruses in Italy is around 1. The match was postponed to the Serie B and Serie D stages.

Schools and offices are closed in Lombardy. After the first death in Italy after being infected with coronavirus, three cities were declared closed there. Thousands of people have been affected so far in Covid-8 caused by coronavirus. So far since the outbreak of the disease last December, 2 thousand 5 people have died. So far, most of the coronaviruses have died in China. Out of these, 5,8 patients have been identified in other countries, of which 3 have died.

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