Barcelona will have to sold 100 Million Euros From Players

The sales of Malcom, Marc Cucurella and the loan of Philippe Coutinho have already covered 60 million of the 172 million euro target, but there are still 100 million euros left to go

Barcelona has spent two months in the swap to buy Neymar. Barcelona had to bring Neymar to the tune of around 20 million euros. If the Brazilian forward could pull the team, however, the club’s trade department had to be in danger. Where did Barcelona raise this money?

Barcelona’s 2019/2000 Estimates for the new season!

Barcelona says the budget for the 2019/20 season is over. In the new season, Barcelona has given a budget of 5,8 million euros. No club has ever given such a big budget in the sports world. Even with such a huge budget, the amount of profit will be quite small, 1 million euros. The most significant aspect of this budget is the club’s debt of 20 million euros. Barcelona will have to earn 12 million euros (Tk 100 million in Bangladeshi value) this season if players want to adjust to the club’s revenue expenditure.

What about their earnings last year?

Last season, Barcelona had a target of selling 5 million euros. Barcelona had set a target of earning 3 million euros against the purchase of 3 million euros. With Titan Griezmann being bought for 120 million euros this season, the goal was to know what the target would be. So Barcelona will have to earn 12 million euros by selling players to show 5 million in earnings.

Is there any benefit to Barcelona?

An advantage for Barcelona. In the meantime, 5 million euros have been arranged. They received 5 million euros by selling Malcolm and Kukurea and sending them to Philip Coutinho. Now you have to find a way to earn the rest of the squad in January. Barcelona will also have to reduce players’ salaries. Barcelona’s salary has increased by 12 million euros in 20/1 seasons compared to 20/1. If you don’t want to break the rules of FIFA, the salary will be reduced to 12 million euros by the Catalan club.

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