Barcelona players threaten rebellion…….!

how many match winless Barcelona draw on the opponent’s field but why?

seven-match winless Barcelona draw on the opponent’s field is a relief. They lost to Getafe 2-0, despite missing Messi-Dembele. After the victory in Madrid, the Catalan have regained confidence. However, the taste of the win did not diminish the anger of Gerard Pique. The defender warned that spreading false news about players would not be the result.

After the match against Getafe, one of the team captains faced reporters. On the day before the match, the Barcelona players had all come together for dinner. The PK was asked if it would be possible to have dinner again. In reply to that question, PK has dispelled all the anger, ‘everyone in the party arranged for dinner. It was very good for everyone. We all need to be together. And when I talk about getting together, I’m talking about being a part of the supporters and the board. ‘

A comment report has been printed in the blessed newspaper Mundo Deportivo of the Barcelona club. There have been several allegations against the players. Peek claims the news was hinted at the Barcelona board, ‘We do not want to be angry. When one does not want to be angry, there is no quarrel. We know this club and we know who these magazines are. And even though the name is not written, we know who actually wrote these reports. We do not want to be angry. We just want to get on the field and win. I hope that no one will try to fight where there is no trouble. We don’t want that. The solidarity of this club needs to be maintained. Otherwise, we will harm ourselves. ‘

Javi Bosk wrote a column on Mundo Deportivo earlier this week. There, Barcelona’s players are said to have a strong reputation. It has been said that the players are responsible for the misery of the club this season. Javi’s words are not false when it comes to field performance. But the players have also been blamed for some of the more controversial decisions in the report. Javi says the players have stopped the practice of going to journalists with the team. The players have also decided who will succeed Tito Vilanovar. Former academy head Pepe Segura has been trimmed, too. The report also blamed the players for blaming Dembele on Ousman for buying Neymar.

After publishing such a report, everyone decided to have dinner together. Barcelona players think the board wants to cover their failures with all the blame on their neck. He does not want to give the club a chance. That’s why PK warned the board in front of everyone after the match.

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