Ashraful faces the challenge of 11

In order to play the National League, you must get at least ’11’ in the fitness test. Today, the BCB’s tournament committee has decided that number one is the final criteria in the ‘Beep Test’.

BCB has made it mandatory for cricketers to take fitness tests from the beginning of the domestic season from last year. Last time in the beep test the minimum number was ‘9’. This time it jumped to ’11’. There has been a lot of backlash in the last few days from the domestic cricket game cricketers, especially the most experienced cricketers who have opposed it. According to them, it is a very difficult test for any cricketer. Many have also claimed that they are considering leaving the fitness trap.

After the meeting of the tournament committee, BCB chief executive Nizamuddin Chowdhury said, “The goal is given (11). Our priority is on fitness. As you know fitness is being discussed. Fitness is playing an important role in the performance of the players. That is why we give it priority. ”If a player does not get a ’11’ in the beep test, can they not play in the National League? Rules have been made, a gap has been laid.

If a cricketer does not get a ’11’ in the fitness test, the selectors have been given the responsibility to consider the matter. According to Habibul Bashar, the selector who attended the National League meeting, it is understood that regular good players in domestic first class cricket can get some discount. The fitness test is expected to start tomorrow.However, Habibul does not want to say the exact number of exemptions for them, “We want to change a culture, follow a benchmark. It’s not just us, everyone follows. Last time was ‘9’, this time I did ’11’. That has changed.
I think those professional cricketers should keep their fitness. I won’t talk about age here, but we will see if those who play well regularly can’t do it. I am not putting any bench mark here. You must keep the minimum value. It can be either 10.5,10 or 9. We won’t say that right now. We have to make some changes in fitness. It will not be according to their words. We will consider it ourselves. There is nothing to claim here. What we are doing for their good. It’s good for the cricketers. ”

Starting on October 10, the 21th National League will be played in four venues – Fatullah, Mirpur, Rajshahi and Khulna. The national team cricketers are expected to play in the first two rounds. As ever, the organizers are promising to organize a good wicket league.

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