Again Argentina’s couch Diego Maradona : What said messi!!

The legendary Diego Maradona is once again the coach of Argentina’s football team. The former footballer, who won the World Cup in 1996, has taken over as coach of La Plata Gymnasia Club, the country’s first division club.

Argentina’s current superstar, Lionel Messi, has greeted the former guru on his return home club. In an interview with FIFA, Messi said, “I’m excited to be back in coaching. When he was the coach of the national team I enjoyed his coaching. I am happy to see Diego return to Argentina football. ”

The former footballer was the coach of the Argentina national team from 20 to 20. But then the legendary Diego Maradona, affiliated with the Second Division Club of Mexico and the UAE Club.

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Maradona is returning to Argentina football ! What did Messi say?

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